skyrider and pod highchair bundle

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skyrider ride on suitcase shown front side angle with the child seat and harness in position - pod highchair bundle
skyrider compact travel suitcase that doubles as a buggy while travelling shown in child mode and cary on luggage mode

skyrider and pod highchair bundle

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Mountain Buggy® skyrider™ is a problem solver for families who are travelling, and struggle having to take a buggy and carry on luggage when in transit.

It offers effortless travel time for families, as it transforms into a travelling seat for toddlers up to 15kg, whilst still retaining its luggage storage capacity.  

When not in travel seat mode, skyrider™ can quickly transform back into a normal 4-wheel, stylish carry on suitcase.

Included in this bundle is the pod™ clip on high chair. Without taking up any space in your house, pod™ is the lightest, most compact clip-on highchair in the market; and is also a hygienic solution when at home or eating out.

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“I never thought I'd be so appreciative of some luggage, but these things may have saved my holiday. They definitely saved my sanity.”

- Rheannon, mother of triplets, 

Melbourne, Australia

full features breakdown
patented dual purpose innovation
robust and durable
perfect size to carry-on
safety and comfort
superior manoeuvrability
storage plus
lightweight highchair
easy cleaning
compact size
at a glance
dual functionality
first class safety
large storage capacity
safety harness
cushioned seat liner
Age range
skyrider: 9 months - 3 years*
*when child can sit unaided,
pod: 6 months or when child can
sit on their own to 3 years
age reference as a guide only
Dimensions l x h x w
skyrider: exterior: 56 x 37 x 24cm
interior: 40 x 36 x 20cm
pod: 31 x 34 x 4cm
pod: 25cm
pod: 31cm
Maximum load
skyrider: 15kg (weight of child)
:pod: 15kg
Product weight
skyrider: <3kg
pod: 1kg
Safety certified
skyrider: for the following markets:
Europe, UK, USA,
Aus/NZ, Canada, China
pod: EN 1272-2017 / ASTM F1235-15
Seat width
pod: 34cm
Unfolded dimensions
pod: 31 x 34 x 26cm
pod: 34cm
skyrider™ instructions

Setting up your skyrider™ is easy! 

Please read the below PDF for help with setting up pod™ highchair.


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