General Tyre and Tube Maintenance

If you own a car, then you will be aware of the importance of tyre maintenance. Failure to properly maintain tyres to a manufacturers specification is most likely going to result in a couple of issues for the owner. The first is the performance of the car is reduced which can ultimately mean the vehicles safety is reduced. The second is the cost to run deflated (or overinflated) tyres. This can be very expensive not only due to the quicker wear they experience, but also due to the high fuel consumption needed to operate them.

Tyres on a stroller are no different in theory. Sure, there is less weight on them, but ultimately, a tyre is a tyre and they all function under the same rules.

Our warranty policy does not cover tube punctures or general wear and tear of tyres.

General tyre and tube tips:
  • The valve is car-size. Manually inflate to 20 – 22psi max.
  • Releasing air gives a softer ride but lower pressure reduces tread life.
  • A softer ride is often more difficult to steer compared to inflated tyres.
  • New inner tubes and tyres are available on our webshop and also generally available (21/4” x 121/2” tyre) from your dealer, cycle or specialist wheel shops.
  • Standard tyre kits can repair punctures.
  • A flat tyre can result from grit holding the valve open; to check: inflate tyre, deflate rapidly, and re-inflate.
  • Tyre pressure is affected by heat especially when inside parked cars.Do not over inflate.

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