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Originating as a fundamental fabric on Savile Row, herringbone has evolved into a hallmark for achieving sartorial elegance.

Developed from a broken twill weave of black and white chevrons, this intricate detailing provides a contemporary, yet timeless charcoal palette. Accompanying a sleek black tube frame and black hand stitched leather, herringbone is an amalgamation of classic, bespoke tailoring and monochromatic architecture, paired with duets™ all-terrain performance.

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skyrider L U X U R Y

the luxury collection

Aspiring to travel easily just became a reality with a trusted companion that looks and feels like no other. skyrider™ luxury allows you to live life without limit as you explore locally or abroad - delivering function and performance as a stylish carry on suitcase, or transform easily into a travelling seat for your toddler.

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