urban jungle, terrain and +one 2015+ aerotech wheel set 12 inch (set of 3)

urban jungle, terrain and +one 2015+ aerotech wheel set 12 inch (set of 3)


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Don't want to worry about pumping up tires? These airless 12" aerotech wheels will fit on your Mountain Buggy® 2015+ urban jungle, terrain™ or +one™ buggies.

12" aerotech wheel set stand out features:

  • airless aerotech wheels for low maintenance
  • comes with a pack of 3:
    • 1 x 12" front wheel
    • 2 x 12" rear wheels

This wheelset comes in a pack of 3 - front wheel and both rear wheels included.

compatible with the following buggies:
2015+ urban jungle™
2015+ terrain™
2015+ +one™

mountain buggy


Product Code: MB3-UJAWHEELS_

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent durability!

We bought these wheels a month ago and love them. They ride really well and seem super durable.

Good alternative to avoid punctures.

We bought these having had several punctures with the standard wheels and they're fantastic. They don't affect the handling of the buggy much at all, apart from on the beach which was hard work. The other thing that isn't made clear is that the hand brake (not the foot brake) is rendered inoperative with them fitted as their is no rim for the calliper to bind against.

Peace of mind

Purchased the wheels because I didn't want the stress of a flat tyre while I was out with bub. The tyres were easy to fit on the pram, and they look good. Have not used more than a couple of times yet, and they work really well. The model I have is Urban Jungle luxury.

Peace of mind

I purchased these wheels because I didn't want to have the extra stress of being stuck with a flat tyre etc. I have the latest model and they look fantastic. I have not had them for long so will keep you posted.. Otherwise they look fantastic, they are easy to fit and I don't have carry around an extra pump etc.

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