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skyrider compact travel suitcase that doubles as a buggy while travelling shown in child mode and cary on luggage mode
skyrider ride on suitcase shown front side angle with the child seat and harness in position
close up of the child seat and harness on the skyrider ride on suitcase to demonstrate the safety and comfort features
skyrider ride on luggage shown side on with the child seat in place
skyrider carry on luggage shown with the bag opened to highlight the large volume and convenient storage pockets
skyrider carry on luggage being held easily by one hand to demonstrate the light weight
Mountain Buggy skyrider carry on luggage shown with wheels in compact mode
Mountain Buggy compact carry on case shown front side angle with retractable handle half folded
Mountain Buggy skyrider with retractable handle fully extended to show use as a carry on suitcase
Close up of the fabric detailing of the Mountain Buggy skyrider ride on suitcase
skyrider compact travel suitcase that doubles as a buggy while travelling shown in child mode and cary on luggage mode


mountain buggy


Product Code: MB-SKYRIDER_v1

roll on board

skyrider™ is a problem solver for families who are travelling locally or abroad, and struggle having to take a buggy and carry-on luggage when in transit.

It offers effortless travel time for families by delivering dual functionality through its patented innovation; allowing skyrider™ to transform into a travelling seat for toddlers for up to 15kg / 33lbs, whilst still retaining its luggage storage capacity.

When not in travel seat mode, skyrider™ can quickly transform back into a normal 4-wheel, stylish carry-on suitcase.

what makes unirider unique

full features breakdown
12” air filled tyres, for a true all terrain performance
a robust steel handlebar for durability and strength
maximum load of up to 25kg
light to use and handle at just 3kgs / 7lbs
minutes to assemble
easy manoeuvrability and handling
molded plastic seat for a more comfortable ride for your toddler
two comfortable feet positions for your child
essentials for safe riding
Age range
9 months - 3 years*
*when child can sit unaided,
age reference as a guide only
Dimensions l x h x w
exterior: 56 x 37 x 24cm
interior: 40 x 36 x 20cm
Maximum load
15kg (weight of child)
Product weight
Safety certified
for the following markets:
Europe, UK, USA,
Aus/NZ, Canada, China
skyrider™ instructions

Setting up your skyrider™ is easy as!


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