delivering three innovative, parent facing solutions - from lie flat mode
for newborn, to a parent facing seat for toddler, all in one bundle

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carrycot plus

Convert your buggy into a bassinet style pram - click in, and rest on the go!

NOTE:  Each of our carrycots has been custom designed to fit their specific Mountain Buggy® model, so it is essential that you purchase specifically for your buggy. If you have a pre-2010 Mountain Buggy model,  click here  for information on compatibility.


Overly soft sleep surfaces are a risk for SUDI/SIDS - We reduce the risk!

A new standard is being introduced to address the association between mattress firmness and the risk of SUDI/SIDS. We’re proud to say that each carrycot has already passed the test!  To read more about the new standard  click here*


What is the Mountain Buggy® stance on good sleep practices for an infant? 

We recommend that an infant, be placed in a suitable sleep facility within the parent’s room (room sharing). We do not recommend placing an infant in the parent’s bed for sleep purposes, nor in a bedside sleeper (a product that is attached to the parents’ bed). NOTE: there is some confusion surrounding the meaning of “co-sleeping” – it actually means different things in different parts of the world. The diversity of the term “co-sleeping” is formally recognized by the Canadian product safety regulator, Health Canada, who say “ Definitions of this term are not consistent enough to make it universally acceptable...”.
This information from Health Canada can be viewed by  clicking here

Mountain Buggy carrycot plus image gif montrant les 3 modes de conduite en couleur noir_noir carrycot plus for urban jungle™, terrain™ and +one™ CCPU_V3.2 $269.99 CAD
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carrycot plus pour jumeaux installé sur une poussette double Mountain Buggy duet  ghosted montré de l'angle latéral avant avec capote en place_noir carrycot plus™ for twins one base, two fabric sets, three parent facing modes MB-CCPDTWIN_V3.2 $439.00 CAD sold out
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carrycot & cocoon

Confort du nouveau-né grâce à une nacelle légère, qui s'allonge et vous accompagne dans vos déplacements.
Mountain Buggy 2019 cocons pour nouveau-nés montés sur une poussette nano duo de couleur cyber_black newborn cocoon™ MBCN_V2-CA $99.00 CAD
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nano poussette urbaine avec nano urban cocoon ghosted three quarter front view
nano urban™ cocoon with adapters NANOURBANCOCOON_V1NA $119.99 CAD
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