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Keep your family healthy and happy this winter

Keep your family healthy and happy this winter

Winter is definitely upon us, and no doubt warm clothes, heating, hot chocolate and soup are on the cards for many! And already, we are seeing massive spikes in the community with colds, flus, covid and general winter blahs.
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If you have children, no doubt the sickness is getting passed around and your household may feel like a never-ending sickbay! 😷 As your trusty Nanny, I'm here to share some tips to help keep your entire family, especially those precious little ones, healthy and well during these chilly months. 🖤

1. Bundle up!
First things first: keeping warm is key. Layers are your best friend. For the little ones, make sure they're dressed in multiple layers so they can easily adjust if they get too warm or cold. A good rule of thumb is to dress kids in one more layer than you would wear yourself. Merino is a perfect layering option, due to its temperature regulating components! Don’t forget those cute hats, mittens, and scarves – they’re not just for fashion! You can find some great Merino options at

2. Stay active Indoors
When it's too cold to play outside, it’s time to get creative indoors. Build a fort with blankets and pillows, have a dance party in the living room, or try some fun indoor exercises. Keeping the little ones moving helps them burn off energy and stay healthy. And hey, it’s a great way for you to sneak in some exercise too!

3. Healthy snacks and meals
Winter is the perfect time for hearty soups and stews packed with veggies. Get the kids involved in the kitchen – they’re more likely to eat healthy foods if they help make them. Think colorful veggie sticks with hummus, apple slices with peanut butter, or a warm bowl of homemade chicken soup. And don’t forget about staying hydrated! Sometimes we forget to drink enough water when it’s cold, so make sure everyone’s sipping throughout the day.

4. Vitamin D is your friend
With shorter days and less sunlight, it’s easy to miss out on vitamin D. Try to get outside during daylight hours, even if it’s just for a quick walk. If that’s not possible, look into vitamin D supplements, but always check with your doctor first. This is recommended for both parent and little one, as kids can take vitamin D supplements from when they are an infant. Just make sure to check the correct doses for each age.

5. Handwashing: the superhero of hygiene
Teaching kids to wash their hands properly can’t be overstated. Turn it into a fun game – sing a song while scrubbing those hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Keeping hands clean is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs.

6. Sleep!
A good night's sleep is crucial for a strong immune system. Create a calming bedtime routine to help everyone wind down. Think warm baths, storytime, and maybe even a little lullaby. Make sure the sleep environment is cozy – not too hot, not too cold, and free of distractions.

7. Boosting immunity naturally
Incorporate foods rich in vitamins C and E, like citrus fruits, strawberries, and nuts, into your family’s diet. Consider a daily multivitamin for an extra boost, but again, check with your pediatrician first. And don’t forget the power of probiotics found in yogurt and fermented foods – they’re great for gut health and immunity.

8. Know when to stay home
If your little one shows signs of being under the weather, it’s best to keep them home to rest and recover. I know it's tough if you're working, BUT hopefully nowadays, you have an understanding boss and your job allows you to work from home at least! By staying home, this not only helps your child get better faster, but it also prevents spreading illness to others. Snuggle up with some books, watch their favourite movies, and make sure they get plenty of fluids and rest.

9. Create a warm, happy environment
Winter can be tough on everyone’s mood. Keep spirits high with family game nights, movie marathons, or even just a cozy evening with hot chocolate and a good book. A happy home is a healthy home, after all!

10. Stay connected
Even though it’s cold outside, don’t forget to stay socially connected. Arrange virtual catch up with friends over video calls and check in with loved ones. Social connections are important for everyone’s mental health, especially during the winter months.

So, there you have it – just some of my top tips for keeping everyone in the family healthy and happy this winter. Remember, staying well is all about balance: keeping warm, eating right, staying active, and making time for rest and relaxation. Here’s to a wonderful, cozy, and healthy winter season!

Nanny Sunday x

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