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Nanny Sunday's guide to travelling with kids

Nanny Sunday's guide to travelling with kids

From bustling around the airport to arriving to your destination, travelling with kids is a blend of excitement and challenges!
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Finding the best products and tricks to make travelling just a little easier can be a life changer for those that want to take their little ones on grand adventures. Allow me to share some tips, alongside make some recommendations on products from Mountain Buggy® that can make your trip go much more smoothly!

Plan ahead and pack wisely
The key to successful travel with kids is preparation. Plan your itinerary considering your child's routine—nap times, meal schedules, and playtime. Making sure you have ALL the necessities for your little ones is crucial. You will need to take multiple changes of clothes, toys and toiletries. It's also wise to book accommodations that are child-friendly and have amenities like cribs, etc, so do ask what they have to offer for the little ones in tow.

baby on skyrider in airport
For packing the essentials in, I highly recommend skyrider™, a product that serves two purposes – as a carry-on suitcase AND as a ride-on for toddlers. It's a game-changer for navigating airports with little ones, and be warned... if you use this, you will feel like a movie star - you will stared at with envy, chatted to and asked about this awesome product! 😎

For packing all your holiday gear into, travel bag XL is a must, especially if you plan to take a stroller with you. It shields your stroller and other gear from bumps and scratches, giving peace of mind on hectic travel days. With the ‘gate checked’ label already on the side of the bag, you are able to conveniently roll on up straight to your gate where the airline will then stow it upon boarding, and retrieve it for you at disembarkment (we do recommend you check the specific airline policies however for peace of mind!). It is also very durable, has sturdy zips and it's compatible with all Mountain Buggy® strollers, including our travel side by side nano duo™, and many other buggy brands.

travel bag XL at the airport

In Transit and beyond: Navigating the journey and your destination
Travelling with children requires adaptability and patience, especially during transit. You will need many distractions, such as colouring, toys and snacks to keep them entertained, PLUS ensuring they can rest their little legs and take a nap when they can. Considering a compact travel stroller may be a top consideration when travelling, one that you can comfortably get around in the airport, and at your destination. There are a few strollers out in the market that can help you with this, but here at Mountain Buggy® we have two strollers that are great to travel with!

nano™ – this Red Dot award winning stroller has its own cult following, and deservedly so as it's proven to be a lifesaver! Being a lightweight, compact stroller that is super easy to fold, nano™ makes it that much easier to get around the airport, through security and can even go on board with you as it fits most airline requirements (but we do recommend you check your airline first for peace of mind!). But once you're on board, nano™ fits so easily into the overhead locker on the plane!

nano™ in the overhead locker

nano duo™
– nano™ fans actually asked for the product to come as a side-by-side for families with two, so Mountain Buggy® delivered! nano duo™ is a compact, lightweight double stroller that folds easily for travel – packed securely into the Mountain Buggy® travel bag XL. It's perfect for navigating busy airports or exploring city streets with multiple children in tow (siblings or twins 😊)

nano duo™ at the airport

For some, going handsfree with your little one may be more appealing than pushing a stroller. juno™ carrier is a fantastic solution – either for your newborn or toddler. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort for both you and your child, making it ideal for exploring the airport and then at your destination! You've also got 4 modes of carrying your child – front facing in, front facing out, carrying on the hip or on the back.

the four modes of juno™

For meals on the go, pod™ clip-on, portable highchair is awesome! It can attach securely to most tables, providing a hygienic and safe dining experience wherever you go, because when you use the restaurant's chairs, who knows how many germs are on those 😅

pod™ out and about

Traveling with kids is about creating lasting memories! Embrace the unpredictability of each trip, knowing that every experience shapes the children's worldview.

With the right gear, you can focus on what truly matters. To fellow parents embarking on their own adventures, I offer this advice: invest in quality gear that simplifies the journey, but also take time to savor the little moments along the way. With innovative products like those from Mountain Buggy®, traveling with kids becomes a rewarding experience for both the children and the parent! And also, once you're back home, you'll find these products so easy, you most likely will use these products on the daily 🥰

Happy travels, and remember to keep calm and carry on™!

Nanny Sunday x

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